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* CPoint -> Color Stop
* CPoint -> Color Stop
As of February 2013 we have all English pages updated/rewritten for the new terminology. Now we need to get translations updated.
* [[Terminology/fr|New terminology in french]]
* [[Terminology/fr|New terminology in french]]
* [[Terminology/es|New terminology in spanish]]
* [[Terminology/es|New terminology in spanish]]

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For a long time the Synfig Studio was famous as an application with a weird and exotic terminology. Since the version 0.64.0 it was decided to get rid of the weird words in terminology by replacing them with the most commonly used by other software.

The changes are:

  • Duck -> Handle
  • Curves Panel -> Graphs Panel
  • Encapsulate -> Group
  • Paste Canvas / Inline Canvas layer -> Group layer
  • Group -> Set
  • Add/Remove from Group->Add/remove from Set
  • BLine -> Spline
  • BLine Point -> Spline Point
  • BLine Tool -> Spline Tool
  • Params Panel -> Parameters Panel
  • Children Panel -> Library Panel
  • CPoint -> Color Stop

Instructions for translators

If you see the warning banner at the top, that means the page you are viewing is outdated.

Please carefully compare the text of your page with the original English page and do appropriate fixes (if necessary). Things to pay attention:

  • The terminology have changed (see above). That influences the way you reference some interface elements.
  • Many image files (screenshots/illustrations) were updated. The updated version of image generally have different name (usually with "_0.63.06" suffix. Please update links to images as well.

After the page is reviewed and updated, please add {{NewTerminology}} text at the top of the page. That will indicate your page as updated and remove the warning banner will be removed.

If you would like to see the which pages pending to be updated, please consult the list below.

Thank you!

List of pages not updated for new terminology

Note: The page is not displayed in this list if it have {{NewTerminology}} in its text.