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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

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warning end

pabs is back from sailing the high seas and into the thick of synfig stuff.

While he was away:

  • lots of patches were sent in
  • some patches were applied to svn
  • a new unofficial Win32 build was created
  • questions were asked on irc

Stuff achieved for the next release:

  • We have a Win32 build maintainer, for at least a year (welcome Atrus)!
  • g++ no longer seems to miscompile synfig and if it does there is a simple workaround
  • the OOM condition when building synfigstudio on non-i386 platforms may not occur, this needs testing
  • Lots of crashers and other bugs fixed
  • A couple of small features added
  • Some parts of the UI were reworked

Things that still need to be fixed for the release:

  • We need a MacOS build maintainer and a good MacOS build (preferably a universal build).

Things that we probably should fix, not sure if they are release blockers or not, please provide feedback about this:

  • The synfigstudio gif, dv, ffmpeg and imagemagick targets still crash. synfig ones are fine though.

Stuff that would be nice, but isn't essential:

  • Move away from the bootstrap scripts to autoreconf
  • Make synfig and synfigstudio relocatable (ala
  • Fix all the bugs and add all the feature requests
  • Achieve world peace :)

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