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He's 19 years. He love Strawberry Gelatin. FaberCastell user.

AkhIL small.png

Synfiger from Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and "a case for the hairdresserpolice".


slogger is a bot that sits in the Synfig IRC channel and stores the IRC logs, not a human. It has no commands, so you won't get any response out of it either. Slogger took over after Dyloxin died an untimely death. Pixelbot is a very dumb bot but will occasionally chip in to try and help out on topics.


The guy who wrote most of Synfig.


He's an alien, a legal alien, he's an Englishman in New York. Or Czechoslovakia. Or some such. Dooglus is the resident chief programmer and greatest contributer to Synfig since its release to GPL (1500+ commits and going strong). He favours Linux as an OS, but has been known to run Windows on occasion.


Open source enthusiast interested in animation and computer graphics in general. Always glad to help others and to learn new things. Favourite phrase: dooglus: guess what? ... it opens a new world!!!. Spanish translator of synfig and synfigstudio, sparse icon designer and rare ocassional coder. Wrote some wiki tutorials. Ubuntu user.


Tangents, green lines and ducks. Likes 2d and 3d animation, not to good at the 2d animation yet, but working on it. Debian GNU/Linux user



He's a cat. Or a least he thinks he is. Eats meats at breakfast and all. Also a Debian packager. Has a random sleeping timezone. Seems to enjoy playing with Git more than doing art.


Helping out with synfig since it was GPLed. Debian packager, sysadmin, occasional coder, wiki editor, not much of an artist.


He's an alien, a legal alien, he's an Englishman in New York. Or Oregon. Or some such. Ask him questions about how Synfig works under Windows.

Avatar rore.png

She's not an alien, just a French person that hates wine (and love cheese). Better at doing still images than animations. Help a bit with the wiki. Debian user.


This is just an example, someone EDIT THIS!!. A great person, helps a lot with the project. Love fishing. Use to make sandwiches. Try not to cry.Try not to cry.Try not to cry.Try not to cry.Try not to cry.


He never sleep. Legend told that he has a twin brother that works on Synfig in the night. He is guilty for making this wiki a nasty thing if you use low screen resolutions. GNU hacker and GNU user :-).


An occasional contributer with a couple of submitted patches here and there. Still learning to handle himself with the code, but willing to answer any questions to the best of his knowledge. Also a novice artist, mainly interested dragons, birds and furry art in general.


Kidadult, freak and outsider. By nature. Have a dream to make full-length anime movie with open source software (guess which? ^_^). Likes do animation, roller-skating and paint graffiti. Contribute mostly by editing the wiki, submitting bugs and requesting new features. :) Fedora user.


Your name here!

You. Yes, you, my dear reader. If you contribute to the project, please join with us into making this possible. We do need your help.

Also semi-frequent visitors - Zelig,Atrus,Madsen, Bombe, TMM, Tokyo, Zipola, zotz, Omry, Riggzy.

WorldWide Synfig Users Map

Here is a map of people who uses Synfig. Join us!

Software Credits

Original developers

  • Robert B. Quattlebaum Jr (darco)
  • Adrian Bentley


  • Adrian Winchell (SnapSilverlight)
  • Andreas Jochens
  • Carlos López González (genete)
  • Chris Moore (dooglus)
  • Chris Norman (pixelgeek)
  • Daniel Fort
  • David Roden (Bombe)
  • Dmitriy Pomerantsev (Atrus)
  • Douglas Lau
  • Gerald Young (Yoyobuae)
  • IL'dar AKHmetgaleev (AkhIL)
  • Luka Pravica
  • Martin Michlmayr (tbm)
  • Miguel Gea Milvaques (xerakko)
  • Paul Wise (pabs)
  • Ralf Corsepius
  • Yue Shi Lai


  • Catalan: Miguel Gea Milvaques (xerakko)
  • Français: Aurore D (rore)
  • Español: Carlos López González (genete) and Franco Iacomella (Yaco)


  • Chris Norman (pixelgeek)
  • Carlos López González (genete)
  • Aurore D (rore)

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