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This page contains outdated information.

The release of Synfig Studio 0.64.0 introduced new terminology and this translated page needs to be updated according to original English text.

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warning end

  • More tutorials were written
  • More bugs were fixed
  • baccob is interested in writing a mod_svg (initially reading, then writing)
  • dooglus added a mod_libmagick to take advantage of recent improvements to imagemagick's gif optimization routines
  • the demo reel was started
  • Dmitry from the Avaon Group (a Russian PC distributor) says that his employer is interested in including synfig on their PCs
  • we got invited to LGM 2008 in Poland
  • one of us saw synfig being distributed on a magazine from the UK (who previously contacted us)
  • we killed off the ./bootstrap scripts
  • we have some more people in the IRC channel
  • synfig & synfigstudio are now translatable
  • several new conversion types: aTan2, Cos, Time Loop and Reciprocal
  • the Time Loop Layer was updated so its parameters match that of the new Time Loop Convert
  • the forums came online and are ready for use
  • some security issues got fixed in mod_imagemagick, mod_ffmpeg and mod_dv (but not on Windows)
  • htodd completed ETL/synfig-core packages for fink
  • Genete completed the synfig-core Español translation and it was added to SVN
  • Zelgadis has been working on a Russian translation of the wiki
  • math support was added to the wiki
  • doxygen documentation is available and regenerated daily from SVN
  • The January Challenge was posted
  • The lowest preview quality level now doesn't render any blurs or feathers, to make for faster rough renders
  • The wiki moved to and is now closed.

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