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Star Tool Options.png

The Tool Options Panel allows you to specify:

  • Name : The name used for the new layer; any number in this field will automatically increment with each layer created
  • Layer Type  : Whether create Star Layer and/or Outline, Region, Plant and Curve Gradient layers (Splines)
  • Blend Method : How to combine the new layer with the background.
  • Opacity : Sets the Amount for new layers. Defaults to 1.00 (Completely opaque)
  • Brush Size : Sets the Outline width or the size of the gradient (only for Outline, Advanced Outline and Curve Gradient)
  • Star Points : The number of peaks of the star.
  • Offset : The rotation offset of the created star.
  • Radius Ratio : The ratio between the peaks and the troughs of the star
  • Regular Polygon : Whether create a regular polygon instead of a star.
  • For Splines only, the tangent lengths for outer and inner vertices. Outer is limited to [-3,10] and inner is limited to [-3,3]. (If you find useful open those limitations please write it in the talk page)
    • Inner Width
    • Inner Tangent
    • Outer Width
    • Outer Tangent
  • Invert : Whether invert the create(d) layer(s)
  • Feather : Width of the area to be dissolved at the edge (not for Plant and Curve Gradient)
  • Link Origins : Whether Link the Origin of Splines
  • Spline Origins at Center : Set the Origin of the layer at the center of the star, else the center is set at the Canvas center