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Spline Tool Options.png

This tool has the following options:

  • Name: Sets the name of the Spline that you will create, in this case "Spline070". If the ending part of the string contains an integer number, this input text box will parse it and increase that number for the next created Spline. Otherwise, it will add a three digit number while creating the next one.
  • Layer Type: Sets whether to create Region, Outline, Advanced Outline, Plant and/or Curve Gradient Layers.
  • Blend Method: Sets the blending method used to composite on the layers below.
  • Opacity: Sets the Amount for new layers. Defaults to 1.00 (Completely opaque).
  • Brush Size: Sets the size of the line for Outline Layer and/or Advanced Outline Layer.
  • Feather: Sets the feather parameter of the Region or Outline Layer created.
  • Link Origin: If checked, links the Origin for the Plant, Region or Outline if two of them (or all them) are checked.
  • Auto Export: If checked, exports automatically the Vertices parameter (that's a Spline type parameter)