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 -t <output type>       Specify output target (Default:unknown)
 -w <pixel width>       Set the image width (Use zero for file default)
 -h <pixel height>      Set the image height (Use zero for file default)
 -s <image dist>        Set the diagonal size of image window (Span)
 -a <1...30>            Set antialias amount for parametric renderer.
 -Q <0...10>            Specify image quality for accelerated renderer (default=2)
 -g <amount>            Gamma (default=2.2)
 -v                     Verbose Output (add more for more verbosity)
 -q                     Quiet mode (No progress/time-remaining display)
 -c <canvas id>         Render the canvas with the given id instead of the root.
 -o <output file>       Specify output filename
 -T <# of threads>      Enable multithreaded renderer using specified # of threads
 -b                     Print Benchmarks
 -x                     Shortcut for "--extract-alpha"
 --fps <framerate>      Set the frame rate
 --time <time>          Render a single frame at <seconds>
 --begin-time <time>    Set the starting time
 --start-time <time>    Set the starting time
 --end-time <time>      Set the ending time
 --dpi <res>            Set the physical resolution (dots-per-inch)
 --dpi-x <res>          Set the physical X resolution (dots-per-inch)
 --dpi-y <res>          Set the physical Y resolution (dots-per-inch)
 --extract-alpha        Allows to extract alpha information into separate "alpha" suffixed file
 --list-canvases        List the exported canvases in the composition
 --canvas-info <fields> Print out specified details of the root canvas
 --append <filename>    Append layers in <filename> to composition
 --layer-info <layer>   Print out layer's description, parameter info, etc.
 --layers               Print out the list of available layers
 --targets              Print out the list of available targets
 --importers            Print out the list of available importers
 --valuenodes           Print out the list of available ValueNodes
 --modules              Print out the list of loaded modules
 --version              Print out version information
 --info                 Print out misc build information
 --license              Print out license information

(copied from the output of synfig --help .)

synfig 0.62.00
Revision: 20100103
Branch: master
Revision ID: fb90766f1019b0f6038b7004b250502f4833d4e2

Compiled on Jan  4 2010 with GCC 4.3.3
Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Robert B. Quattlebaum Jr., Adrian Bentley

(copied from the output of synfig--info might be different in your version.)


to render myanimation.sifz to myanimation.ogg

synfig myanimation.sifz -t ffmpeg -vc mpeg4 -vb 1000 -o myanimation.ogg

to know which codecs are available instead of mpeg4. Replace 1000 by the desired bitrate

synfig --target-video-codecs

The Environment Variables text that used to be here has been moved.

Languages Language: 

English • română