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SnapSilverlight is a WikiDragon.

He enjoys drawing, animation, open source software, long walks in the park...uh... good humor, terrible humor (see the occasional references to ducks in the wiki).

Snap is here editing the wiki because, as he can't code, this seems to be a good way to contribute.

Wiki Dragon

A WikiDragon is basically good, much like WikiFaeries and WikiGnomes.

However, WikiDragons are known to author pages as well as clean up others' text, and beautify others' pages. WikiDragons are known to fly across wikis, leaving large swaths of improvements both large and small in their wake. They can also remain dormant for months between activity.

Occasionally a WikiDragon may become obsessed with a particular topic or article. In this event, it's often a good idea to have a (well-armored) user poke them with a large stick.

The best way to satisfy the editing instinct and impulses of a WikiDragon is to get as many WikiVirgins as possible to try their hand at writing on the wiki.