Metaballs Layer

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Layer example metaballs icon.png


About Metaballs Layer

Metaballs is effect of the interaction of the circular surfaces ­– balls. Every from balls has any radius from center on the vertex of the curve and the weight.

Parameters of the Metaballs Layers

The parameters of the metaballs layer are:

Name Value Type
Type real icon.png Z Depth 0.000000 real
Type real icon.png Amount 1.000000 real
Type integer icon.png Blend Method Composite integer
Type gradient icon.png Gradient
Type list icon.png Balls List list (Dynamic List)
Type list icon.png Radii List list (Dynamic List)
Type list icon.png Weights List list (Dynamic List)
Type real icon.png Gradient Left 0.000000 real
Type real icon.png Gradient Right 1.000000 real
Type bool icon.png Positive Only

Languages Language: 

English • čeština