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How to have a Flash-like shortcut keys in Synfig?

This is how you can make a Flash-like shortcut keys in Synfig.

NOTE: You must have Synfig installed and run at least once. :D

1. Find your Synfig config file under:

 Ubuntu GNU/Linux: /home/{username}/.synfig/
 Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Synfig\
 Windows Vista: C:\Users\{username}\Synfig\

2. Open the file, named accelrc, using any text editing software (GEdit, Kate, Notepad).

3. Copy the code below and paste it on the very last part of accelrc.

; misc
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//redo" "<Control>y")
; tools
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-text" "t")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-rectangle" "r")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-rotate" "<Shift>q")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-zoom" "z")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-polygon" "n")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-bline" "p")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-normal" "v")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-eyedrop" "i")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-fill" "k")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-circle" "o")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-scale" "q")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-gradient" "g")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//state-draw" "y")
; navigation
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//seek-next-frame" "period")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>//seek-prev-frame" "comma")

4. Save it, and run Synfig to test and enjoy!

How to restore to default settings?

Simply, delete accelrc and run Synfig.

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