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  • This page could have more internal links and more syntax/style involved --D.j.a.y (talk) 08:25, 8 January 2013 (UTC)

So, if this tutorial is correct, does it mean that any object created in an animation is going to be a part of the entire scene? There's no way to sgnify when an object is needed in a scene and not needed? Wouldn't that lead to jast having a lot of objects moved off the stage until needed? That might clutter up a lot of animations. Maybe a function needs to be made for this. An object could be designated as 'backstage' which means that it's just not there for those frames.

--> I'm still a beginner at synfig-studio, so my answer may not be correct. To me it seems that any created object last the lenght of the scene - I didn't find any way to completely remove an object from a part of the scene, appart from setting its amount to zero.
Also note this tutorial is still a kind of draft, I learned new things since I wrote it, and hopefully I'll have the time to re-wrote it today, in a better way.

Also, in lieu of this, why not simply encapsulate all the petals in a layer, and then mask that layer when the petals aren't needed? Then you could remove the mask right when they are supposed to start appearing.

--> Well, good idea. I will use this in the next version.