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This is a speech to prepare the needed meeting of the for the Road Map.

Synfig needs a new push to continue improving. There are so few people involved in the project and we need more developers, translators, artists, etc., etc. To atract more people to the project we need to make it atractive. So, in my opinion, have a wel defined Road Map is a prioritary task to achieve.

With the current starus of resources (one main developer and a few helpers around), I think that a reasonable Road Map can be this one:

  • Fix the main remaining bugs sorted by importance: crashers first, bad renders second, UI usability thrid and lack of fucntionality last.
  • Once the main bugs were fixed we can think on develop new features.

Both steps need some desitions of the people that are currently developing code (dooglus in this case). He has the last word. Meanwhile we can help them by selecting the most important bugs from the current active list, adding the not tracked, and testing the repeatability of the bug between different platforms and versions. Obtain failing files and/or recipes to produce the bug is mandatory for success. Similar comments apply to new features.

In a second stage we should search for new coders. NOW it is time to prepare the GoSoc for 2009. We should make promotion of the program and its goodness. Only showing to the world what the program can create, we could get more people involved as users and as coders. Genete 08:03, 6 June 2008 (EDT)