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[DONE] Advanced transformation parameter for Groups
[DONE] Transformation widget for Groups
[DONE] Use mouse to shift origin of transformation
[DONE] Linking Group to bone (using the convert type)
[DONE] Allow linking group to bone using right-click (in the same way as "Link to Spline" done)
[DONE] Allow to transform group, which is linked to a bone (relative transformation)
+ Origin problem
+ Bone scale bug
+ Group should keep its visible transformation when linked to the bone
[DONE] Allow to add new bones via context menu on the canvas
[DONE] Fix group transformation in software renderer
[DONE] Replace bone tip with a green handle - it should allow to change both rotation and scale
[DONE] Cleanup unused bone parameters (pose mode)
++ Fix bugs in Software renderer
[DONE] Link vertices to a bone with a right-click (as "Link to Spline" done)
[DONE] Allow to manipulate vertices when they attached to the bone
+ Allow to animate transformation parameter without converting to the Composite
[DONE] Allow to animate vertices when they attached to the bone
[DONE] Rearrange handles in transformation widget, polishing
+ Get back feature which allows to change origin by holding "spacebar" hotkey
[DONE] Transformation widget: Always keep the same size on the screen
+ Optimize Software renderer for certain transformation cases
[DONE] Visible bones
[DONE] Multi-bone influence
[DONE] Weighted Binding: Allow to link vertices to a whole skeleton with consideration of bone influence
(TODO) Reverse manipulations for WeightedAverage & Average convert type
- Link to Bone shouldn't be always visible!
(TODO) Implement "Lock Scale" parameter for bone (and supplementary behavior of "Link to Bone")
- "Parent" parameter of the Bone shouldn't be expandable
- Allow to link origin of child bone to the tip of parent bone (???)
- "Link to Bone" should respect scale checkboxes of "Bone Link" convert
- Bone weight should be linked to the weighted average (???)
(TODO) Duplicate skeleton layer (fix)
(TODO) Remove bones
(TODO) Implement skeleton construction tool
[DONE] Skeleton Distortion layer
- Grid resolution is hardcoded (should be defined as layer parameter)
- The maximum deformation area is hardcoded too (should be defined as layer parameter and editable via handles)
- Consider the bone influence area for deformation
- Get rid of Tile Rendering (optimization)
- Check bone influence formula: (???)
- "Link Bones" action - allows to link two bones (make them identical)
- "Create Distortion" action - separates selected bones into distortion layer (original bones stay in place)
(TODO) Inverse kinematic

== Related modifications ==
[DONE] Import images as groups with "Children Lock" enabled
(TODO) "Lasso Tool" for images
(TODO) Lasso selection mode