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I'm Ciarán O'Riordan. I have very little experience with Synfig.

I've a homepage here:

Notes to self

Simplifying synfig's wiki syntax

The below pages were made when trying to understand how template:L works. However, template:title has no effect on my test pages (maybe it only works in the main namespace, not in the userpage namespace), so this test was cancelled. (I reported this as a bug here: Talk:Main_Page#template:title_doesn.27t_change_the_title)

Template:L can be seen working on, for example, the Main Page. In the English version, there is a link to {{l|User Documentation}} and that is displayed as "User Documentation". In the French version (Main Page/fr) the link is also in English ({{l|User Documentation}}) but it is displayed as "Documentation Utilisateur". That page (User Documentation/fr) has {{Title|Documentation Utilisateur}}, so that might be where the translation is coming from. But, strangely, the title displayed for that page is "Glossaire"!

Current thoughts: Template:L contains just "{{#link:{{{1}}}|{{{2|}}}}}". So either "#link" recognises template:title or there is something being done by an extension such as MultilanguageSupport.