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This page contains outdated information.

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這是一個關於synfig studio所有圖文教學的目錄

Tutorial Name Description Level
新手起步 你是synfig studio的新手嗎?這個教學可以幫助你搞清楚事情的幾個重點 基本
Animation Basics 介紹如何讓東西起來,時間軸以及影格面板Keyframes Panel. 基本
Adding Layers Introduction to the Layers palette, and basics of compositing. 基本
Creating Shapes Introduction to making shapes using the bline and normal tools. 基本
Basic masking Introduction to the concept of masking 基本
How do I...? Quick tutorials, and commonly-needed tasks. 基本
Slideshow Tutorial Make a slideshow out of a series of images or other Synfig layers. 中等
Animating Shapes A beginner tutorial, showing animation with blines. It could be a good tutorial to follow, after the Animations Basics one. 中等
Snowflake with the Duplicate Layer A tutorial explaining how to use the Duplicate Layer to easily duplicate objects. 中等
Shiny Effects #1 A tutorial of making some shiny effects. 中等
Building a magnifying glass A tutorial showing how to build a magnifying glass. 中等
Rescale Animations A tutorial that shows how to rescale a portion of animation in start - end and speed up/down (WIP). 中等.
Cut-out Animation A tutorial that shows how to create cut-out style animations. 中等
Doc:Following_a_BLine A tutorial showing how to make a layer follow a BLine rotating to face the direction it's moving in. 進階
Walk Cycle Tutorial showing import of multiple still frames, and rotoscoping to generate a walk cycle animation 進階
Reuse Animations Tutorial that explains how to reuse "poses" of portions of the scene without interfere on the rest of it. 進階
Switching Scenes Tutorial that explains how to edit a collection of .sif files together and switch back and forth between them. 進階
Reusing Exported Value Nodes Small tutorial to show how to reuse cool conversion collections on several animations 進階
Sewing BLines A tutorial to show how to sew the edges of the BLines (Outlines, Regions and any BLine based) to each others 進階
Parabolic Shot A tutorial to show how to make layers follow a mathematical equation 進階
Particles A tutorial to show how to use the particles template released by Genete 進階
Brushes A tutorial to show how to create brushes using the Duplicate Layer and the Link to Bline features 進階
Camera view How to arrange camera pan/zoom of canvas and manage ValueBase Nodes of imported canvases 進階
Reaquested Tutorials Need a tutorial? Request it here. N/A


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English • español • italiano • 中文(台灣)‎