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Manual link an Outline to a Region

The linking command have a dependence on the way the outline or region was done. If you create a region in a clockwise and an outline counter-clockwise then it happen some weird things:

  1. If you select both layers and context right-click on the vertices parameter then the outline and the region links properly.
  2. If you select both layers and decide make the linking manually (vertex by vertex and tangent by tangent) then it is not possible. Vertices link properly but tangents don't. Tangents have opposite definition (red and yellow ducks are opposite) and link them make the outline or the region do a loop at the vertex.
  3. Also the "above layer moves" behaviour is odd. For some vertex the one who moves when they are linked is the vertex from the outline and for other is the one from the region. For manual linking I never know who is the point that would move to be link to the other
Re #2, I just tried this and it worked for me. I draw an outline from top to bottom and a region from bottom to top, then linked a vertex in the middle of each and it went fine. I think that maybe whatever determines 'the one that moves' also determines whether the tangent is linked 'backwards' or not... I'll look into it and write again. -- dooglus 07:51, 29 September 2007 (EDT)
Shortly after I started looking into it, Synfig crashed and I got distracted fixing that crash. That's done now in r800 so I'll get back to looking at this problem. -- dooglus 11:26, 29 September 2007 (EDT)

This manual linking is specially important if you want to partially outline a region.

So the manual link of counter-clockwise vs clockwise defined shapes could have problems on the final result.

In the example the black regions are clockwise as the red outline. The green outline is counter-clockwise. You can see the bad linking of the tangents and the odd behaviour of "what's the one who moves". Outline layers are both above the regions.



Could be possible to have command to reverse the clockwise definition of a region or outline to its inverse?

I think this problem don't have solution if there are more than two shapes involved (a big outline that want to be linked to more than one regions or vice versa)

--Genete 10:59, 25 September 2007 (EDT)