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Hi Dooglus! Thanks for correct the style and some spelling errors. English is not my native language and the article needed some corrections. Thanks for show me the numerical input for the position of the small triangles. Although it was there I didn't saw it! It is cool!. I hope to find more time and to learn better to use the program to contribute with more articles. Best. - Genete

Hi Genete. I'm glad you liked the changes. I was a little worried you might take it personally, that I was 'taking over' or something. I find it quite hard to find a good way to arrange documentation, so it's a lot easier for me improve documentation than it is to start from nothing. Anything you can add to the wiki is more than welcome - as you can see there is lots of documentation missing! Thanks for your contributions so far. Come and join us on IRC - we're in #synfig on