Switching Scenes

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Suppose you've made a few different scenes in separate .sif files and want to edit them together.

Of course, you could render each .sif file to a separate video file and use some kind of video editing software to edit it together. But what if we want to use Synfig itself to do the editing?

In this example I'm going to take 3 sifz files made by Zelig and mix them together:

Make a new document in Synfig and set its time to 41 seconds (3 seconds for scene 1 + 28 seconds for scene 2 + 5 seconds each for opening and closing titles. Scene 2 includes a 6 second gap which scene 3 will fit into, so we don't need to allow extra time for scene 3).

Using Caret>File>Import, import each of the three scenes one at a time.

Select each of the three scenes in turn in the layer dialog, and export its canvas in the params dialog by right-clicking the Canvas Parameter and selecting Export from the context menu.

Languages Language: 

English • español • română