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Screenshots from when synfig was a proprietary product developed by {{l|History|Voria Studios]].

{{l|image:linuxscreenshot.png|320 px|Linux screenshot]]


{{l|image:Synfig-MacOSX.png|320 px|Mac OSX]]

Mac OS X


Add your favourite synfig screenshot here!!


Synfig 0.61.08 (2030) running in ArchLinux GNU/Linux distribution, in a KDE desktop.

{{l|Image:Vista_screenshot.png|320 px|Vista]]

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Screenshot (With Task Manager showing 'Set Affinity' option. Set it to single CPU for best results)

{{l|Image:Vista-Synfigstudio-0.61.09.png|320 px|Vista]]

This is a screenshot in Windows Vista Home Premium in a Dual core HP laptop.

{{l|Image:XPScreenshot.jpg|320 px|XP]]

Here is a synfig screenshot in Windows XP exporting the Voria logo.

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