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This page contains a roadmap with defined goals for each release. See Software_roadmap for things we want to do with synfig at some point.

I want to post this next bit on the website.

As an open source project, synfig is relatively young. As a result, it has lots of creases that need to be ironed out. The copyright is sorted, the code compiles fine, but there are warts when running the code. To smooth out those warts, we need people do investigate and fix the following. We cannot do everything ourselves, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

synfig 0.61.06

must be fixed

  • create better builds for Windows and MacOS X.
    Bugs: 1377974, 1384799, 1391866, 1448282, 1449869, 1475303, 1478305, ...
    • make synfig installation relocatable and more robust
    • come up with a solution for the gtk stuff.
  • fix synfig crashes when rendering the synfigstudio images on Linux ppc, m68k, alpha & mipsel.
    Bugs: DEB367048
    • Render the synfigstudio images with synfig running under a debugger. The most common platform here would be Linux on a Mac (not an intel one)
  • fix the synfig rendering targets that crash (gif, dv, ffmpeg, imagemagick).
    Bugs: 1346746, 1480722, ...
    • Try to render the buggy targets, investigating crashes using a debugger.

also accepted

  • fix make check in etl, synfig, synfigstudio.
  • fix the rest of the crashes, freezes and compile errors.
    Bugs: 1356376, 1356449, 1380227, 1383736, 1389954, 1420091, 1425155, ...
    • more debugging
  • fix synfigstudio so that the toolbox window is shown on the taskbar/panel when no image is open.
    Bugs: DEB366731
    • change the window manager hint between normal and utility when the number of open images goes from 0 -> 1 and vice versa
  • fixes for any of the open bugs.
  • embedded source code documentation

For more information about future goals, please see the Roadmap page on the wiki. In future, each release will be accompanied with things to do for the next release.


Move releases here when they are done.

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