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== Script writing software ==
== Script writing software ==
* [http://celtx.com/ CeltX] - Cross platform, multilanguaje, open source software for ´´the entire pre-production process - write scripts, storyboard scenes and sequences, develop characters, breakdown & tag elements, schedule production, and prepare detailed and informative production reports for cast and crew´´. Really stable.
* [http://celtx.com/ CeltX] - entire pre-production process
* [http://freshmeat.net/projects/scriptwriter/ Scriptwriter] - Cross platform software for writing scripts for movies/tv.
* [http://freshmeat.net/projects/scriptwriter/ Scriptwriter] - Cross platform software for writing scripts for movies/tv.
* [http://www.oskusoft.com/blyte.shtml Blyte] - Open source software (abandonware, really) script writing software.
* [http://www.oskusoft.com/blyte.shtml Blyte] - Open source software (abandonware, really) script writing software.

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This page is for FOSS (free software and open source software) related to synfig or art in some way.

2D Animation

  • Synfig - vector based 2D animation (this project!)
  • KToon - Pixel-based 2D animation, similar layout to ToonBoom Studio
  • pencil - software for traditional hand-drawn animation (both vector & raster)
  • Uira - Flash clone, sourceforge project closed 2008-01-13
  • F4L - Flash for Linux, a Flash clone.
  • Animata -Still images bone rigged for 2D and 3D animation.

3D Animation

  • blender - 3D modelling and animation
  • aqsis - 3D renderer, Renderman compatible
  • k-3d - 3D modelling, animation, rendering
  • sharp3d - Opensource version of Zbrush, integrated onto Blender
  • Pantograph Vector renderer

Motion Capture

Raster Image Manipulation

  • GIMP - GNU image manipulation program
    • the iwrap deformation tool can create (crude) animations
    • layers can be saved as animated .gif
  • GAP - GIMP Animation Plugin
  • cinepaint - a GIMP fork used for motion picture frame-by-frame retouching
  • Alchemy - software for sketching or drawing using a computer

Vector Image Manipulation

  • inkscape - SVG-based vector graphics, animation capability scheduled for Milestone 20 - Inkscape 0.54
  • xaralx - vector graphic program

Video editing


  • jlipsync - Java based Lip sync program. Allows users to align phoneme key frame shapes to an audio track. Output to a shot sheet or AVI file (convert the AVI to a series of PNG files and import them into Synfig for added fun!)
  • papagayo python based lipsync program. Allows export to Anime studio, or contact genete to import into Synfig ;)


  • amanith - An OpenSource C++ CrossPlatform framework designed for 2d & 3d vector graphics.

Realtime/VJ tools

  • effectv - Real-time video effector
  • freej - Real-time video manipulation, available on the Dynebolic distribution.


  • Dv backup- Utility to back up data to DV tape.
  • LVS - Video capture software for Linux, last updated 2002
  • mjpegtools - Tools for video capture and editing under linux
  • theora - Video compression format
  • DVR - Digital video recorder, last updated 2007.

Subtitle editors

  • bakasub - Subtitling software for Linux, last updated in 1999
  • gsubedit - Subtitle Editor (Gnome)
  • ksubeditor - Subtitle Editor (KDE)

Video Players

  • freshmeat - Freshmeat video player category
  • mplayer - Multi platform video player (windows/linux/mac)
  • xine - Linux video player
  • vlc - Multi platform video player (windows/linux/mac)

Sound Editing/Recording

Sound libraries

Script writing software

  • CeltX - entire pre-production process
  • Scriptwriter - Cross platform software for writing scripts for movies/tv.
  • Blyte - Open source software (abandonware, really) script writing software.

Other sources of software

  • www.freshmeat.net - Open source software repository
  • www.sourceforge.net - Open source software repository
  • packages.debian.org - Packages for debian
  • packages.ubuntu.com - packages for ubuntu
  • www.rpmfind.net - packages for Redhat

Live Distro's with Synfig

  • artistx
  • ubuntustudio - releases and support like Ubuntu, compatible with the ubuntu software repositories, but geared to more creative types.

Please note, old software is perfectly fine to use :) It may not support newer hardware though.


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