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Page head

At the top of each page there is a special section where additional page information is stored. That's how it may look like:

<!-- Page info -->
{{Title|Getting Started}}
{{Category|Tutorials Basic}}
<!-- Page info end -->

Please take your time to fill that section properly, otherwise some things may not work as expected. There are only few tags allowed here.

Title tag

That tag is used to specify proper title for translated pages. Although it's not required for every...

Category tag

You can specify categories page belongs using "Category" tag, like this:


Please add those lines at the top of the page.

Consider the fact that this syntax statement differs from usual MediaWiki syntax. In ordinary MediaWiki setup category is specified with [[Category:MyCategory]] statement and you are forced to use [[:Category:MyCategory]] syntax if you want a link to category. That approach is replaced by more logical for our taste, where all links are defined by L tag and categories set with Category tag.

this tag is optional

Navigation tag

Navigation tag is optional. It's used when you want to link a set of pages into a sequence, like Manual pages.



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