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Animation in the free world
Les animacions en 2D han estat molt de temps dominades pel programari propietari. Això canvia amb la introducció de Synfig, una eina de programari lliure, gratuït i de codi obert per a la producció d'animacions de característiques i qualitats cinematogràfiques.
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Beautiful art inspires
the community
The community is inspired by the art you produce. Thank you to all who produce the art in the {{l|gallery]], at YouTube, deviantART,, Google Video, Flickr and around the web. You might like to read some {{l|Animation Ideas|animation ideas]], contribute to the {{l|DemoReel|demo reel]] or {{l|Contact|share your work with us]].
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Beautiful art needs
beautiful support

Artists need information about how Synfig works in order to be able to inspire us with their animations. Help document the Synfig interface, write tutorials, help people on IRC and in the forums and more.

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Beautiful art needs
beautiful code

Free software and open source development is nothing without an active community, so come join Synfig. We need bug fixers, general developers, bug reporters, beta testers, artists to inspire us and more. Your contributions are welcome, needed and appreciated.

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