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Here is a list of some of the keyboard sortcuts you currently have at your disposal. These are the defaults. There is a way to customize these, but it is currently not intuitive. I'll write an explanation of that later.

Keystroke Description
<Control>-x Cut currently selected layer(s) and put them in clipboard
<Control>-c Copy currently selected layer(s) and put them in the clipboard
<Control>-p Paste the contents of the clipboard above the currently selected layer
<Control>-z Undo
<Control>-r Redo
<Control>-a Select all ducks
<Control>-d Deselect all layers
<Control>-s Save
<Control>-g Toggle grid show
<Control>-l Toggle grid snap
<Control>-` Toggle low/high-resolution (defaults to low resolution)
<Control>-0...9 Change the current rendering quality (lower is better, but 0==10)
<Alt>-1 Toggle display of "Position" ducks
<Alt>-2 Toggle display of "Vertex" ducks
<Alt>-3 Toggle display of "Tangent" ducks
<Alt>-4 Toggle display of "Radius" ducks
<Alt>-5 Toggle display of "Width" ducks (DEFAULTS TO OFF)
<Control>-'=' Zoom in on canvas (spacial zoom)
<Control>-'-' Zoom out of canvas (spacial zoom)
<Control>-<shift>-'=' Zoom in on timeline (temporal zoom)
<Control>-'-' Zoom out of timeline (temporal zoom)
<Control>-'>' Move forward one frame
<Control>-'<' Move backward one frame
<Control>-<Shift>-'>' Move forward one second
<Control>-<Shift>-'<' Move backward one second
<Control>-']' Move forward to next keyframe
<Control>-'[' Move backward to previous keyframe
<Shift>-PgUp Raise currently selected layers
<Shift>-PgDn Lower currently selected layers
F8 Canvas Properties
F9 Render
F11 Preview
F12 Canvas Options (Grid size, etc.)
<Delete> Deletes the currently selected canvas. (CAREFUL! There is currently a bug which makes this work in just about any context! ie: if you are editing a parameter and press the delete key, it will delete the layer! this can be easily undone, but just keep it in mind)

Languages Language: 

English • español • română