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Some eyes. Created by Anders K. Madsen.
Some eyes. Created by Anders K. Madsen.
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Created by lucianDesign.
Created by lucianDesign.

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Demo Reel

There will eventually be a demo reel here, and it will eventually rock. If you want to help out, go here.


ALL of the videos and images in this section were created using Synfig, and are all 2D. No 3D software was used in the production of these videos and images. They were all produced by artists from Voria Studios when synfig was a proprietary product.

For videos and stills produced since synfig became free software, see the community section.




Download (around 45 seconds, 1.6 megabytes) November 2004

A werewolf transforms into his beastly state as the red moon rises.

Created by Will Short, Robert Quattlebaum and Darrin Michelson

Big Eye


Download (around 15 seconds, 2.5 megabytes) October 2004

A close-up of a large, lazy eye. Notice how the reflection actually distorts as the lense moves under it.

Created by Rabecha Lenhart and Robert Quattlebaum

Source code is available under the same license as synfig (GNU GPL 2).



Download (around 3 minutes, 20 megabytes) July 2004

This short follows two children fleeing from soldiers through an old sewer. In an attempt to protect his friend, one of the children tries to draw one of the soldiers away. However, plans don't always work out as one would hope. This was the first animated production created using Synfig, and as such has become our “proof of concept” animation for it.

Created by: Voria Studios

Source code is available, for educational use only, do not distribute or distribute modified renders.

Happy Fun-Joy Time Start!


Download (around 22 seconds, 2.9 megabytes) December 2004

A very bizzare, super-happy, and oddly captivating animation featuring large purple bears, dancing children, smiling celestial bodies, rainbows, leaping sheep, and dancing flowers.

Created by Rabecha Lenhart


Several of these have source code in the synfig source code repository, all licensed under the GNU GPL 2.

Other Examples

You can find examples of synfig:

on youtube
on deviantART
on flickr
on google video
on google images
in blogs or articles about synfig

And of course, see what synfig's own community has come up with in the artwork forums


You are encouraged to distribute your source files (.sif and so on) on the forums so others can learn from your work. Obviously this is only if you have permission to distribute all of it.

Some random examples:

All of ullebulle's youtube videos have links to the corresponding .sif files.




Download "Eyes" source file

Some eyes. Created by Anders K. Madsen.

Plant Layer Example
An example of what the plant layer can do (note - plant layer is broken in all versions of Synfig prior to svn build 620.)

Windows XP Sanddunes
A synfig version of the "Wind" Windows XP wallpaper. Animated version.

Synfig cat

Synfig cat, by Rore. With a heavy use of width-ducks on blines.

Synfig Tux
Tux, with a Synfig logo. SIF file. (With acknowledgment to Larry Ewing and the Gimp.)

A Jedi's Pencil
File:Jedis pencil.tn.jpg
Example of visual effects and rotoscoping done in the synfig.
watch in google video

bzipped tarball with SIF and source sequence (2.5Mb)

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