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The File menu has the following options:

Save - Saves the current project.

Use an extension of '.sifz' to save a compressed file (as of synfig 0.61.07). If you use .sif then the files tend to get pretty large.

Save As - Saves the current project under a different name.

Again, use .sif or .sifz (synfig 0.61.07 and later) for synfig save files.

Revert - Opens the version saved on disk. This will overwrite any unsaved changes.

CVS Update
CVS Commit
CVS Revert

Import - imports an image file.
The supported file formats include:

  • PNG
    • PNG with alpha
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • XCF (though layers are not supported)
  • PSD (though layers are not supported)

(it may support other formats as well) SIF (the synfig native format) is not supported.

Render - Open the render options dialog to export the project.
Preview - Render out a preview of the current project.
Sound File - Import a sound file into the project.

Options - Bring up the Options dialog for the current project.
Close - Close the current project.

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